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Bamboo – the wonder grass of the new millennium for furniture and interiors. By processing bamboo to high quality bamboo furniture we are moving in tune with nature, since not a single tree is felled. Bamboo is not tropical wood; it is an inexhaustible natural resource that grows all over Asia and Latin America and constitutes an ideal alternative to the timber from the rain forests. Its processing has no detrimental effect whatsoever on the continued existence of the tropical rain forests.

Ten thousands of bamboo poles grow in our own plantation and help to store CO2. By the way: did you know that bamboo can hold nearly the double amount of CO2 as wood?

Every stage of our work is executed with consideration for nature and man.

The poles selected by HIGH TOUCH® are thoroughly renewable natural materials devoid of any chemical pre-treatment or follow-up treatment. We reject the use of chemicals. This is verified by an expert report from an independent, renowned European institute.

HIGH TOUCH® manufactures an extensive line of high premium bamboo furniture via a patented process that prevents the typical bamboo splitting and cracking that is so prevalent with most other bamboo furnishings.